Hannah Chalew is an artist from New Orleans who now lives in Detroit. She just received her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in May 2016. When not working in her studio in Highland Park, MI; she is in the process of updating this website.

Please stay tuned, and reach out by email: hnnh.chlw@gmail.com


Please stay tuned, and reach out if you have any questions: hnnh.chlw@gmail.com, or subscribe to my newsletters below to receive periodic news about my work and exhibitions, etc

Hannah Chalew is an artist from New Orleans. Her artwork explores what it means to live in the age of climate change with an uncertain future looming, and specifically what the means for those of us living in Southern Louisiana.

Since 2018, she has sought to divest her studio practice from fossil fuels as much as possible. She does this through the materials she uses, choosing recycled, free, and sustainable materials; by powering her artworks and studio practice with renewable resources through her solar cart; and by traveling by bike to and from her studio.

She lives and works in New Orleans.   

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Above is a picture of Chalew’s “solar cart”: this portable cart collects rain on the left part (water flows down the metal roof and is siphoned into the daisy-chained rain barrels) and collects solar energy on the right half, the solar power is stored in batteries built into a special compartment under the solar panels

Chalew uses the harvested water for paper-making and watering the plants in her work, and she uses the solar energy to power the electrical needs of her studio from LED lights to her power grinder.